Professional Advice

Understanding the subject matter and the scope of EU data protection law is fundamental to determining whether this law applies. In essence, an organisation cannot do business confidently and efficiently unless it understands the legal requirements that affect its activities. For that reason we at Wilton [or our Corporate and Legal Team here at Wilton] will assist in determining how best your Company can satisfy the GDPR and help with continued maintenance of the Company’s compliance to the regulation.

Consent to process information

Under the GDPR, consent must be provided in the form of a clear, affirmative action. Consent generally cannot be obtained from a third party (i.e. one individual cannot normally consent  to the processing of another individual’s data). In addition consent has to be something that has been said or done to indicate that they agree to the processing of their personal data. By subscribing to our mailing list you are providing a clear and affirmative action that you wish your personal data to be processed.

Registration with ICO

Our Corporate and Legal team here at Wilton are on hand to complete the necessary steps to register your Company with the ICO and we have also provided you with a registration form whereby you can register your details with us in order to complete the registration process on your behalf, including the registration of a Data Protection Officer.


We can offer to carry out internal audits on the Companies in order to verify if the Company complies with the new GDPR requirements. If we find that the Company does not comply with the regulation we will of course be in contact with you in order to request the requisite information to bring the Company in line to the laws that govern the topic of discussion.

Training Staff

Our team will also be on hand to provide useful information and training should your employees need further training.